Update your prompts without updating your code.

🔮 Optimize and change AI prompts in seconds
🕒 Save time doing AI prompt adjustments
💵 Save money by not wasting build resources on every prompt change
📜 Keep a historical record of prompt changes
✍ Product owners, PMs, anyone can make changes
📊 Analyze prompt usage over time
⚡ Lighting fast setup - plug-and-play JS library

How to set it up?Download our JS lib in your app, create a Promptum account, generate an API key and enjoy the amazing prompt management experience.

Do I need to be a developer?Once Promptum is up and running in your app, you will be able to make changes at any time - without any coding skills.

Is it free to use?Yes! We will be launching a generous free tier with more than enough capacity to run small-scale apps.

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